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10 tips for a successful fundraiser


Share, share, share!

Reach the crowd! Share as much as possible. Ask donors to share further too.



Come up with a strong catchy title for your fundraiser.


Header image

Capture the essence in a great header image. 1 picture tells more than 1000 words!



Give a short description of what it is you are raising funds for.



Tell the story and necessity of your fundraiser.


Extra images and video

Make your campaign attractive with additional images and video.


Profile picture

Create trust and show who you are. Add a profile picture.



Joint fundraising campaign? Add a team, class, group or organisation.


Target amount

Make your goal concrete. Set a target amount.



Keep your donors informed. Post updates on the progress of your fundraiser.

Fundraising for teams and groups

geld inzamelen teams groepen

Do you wish to raise funds with a group of people or an organisation for a common goal? Steunactie has some cool features that make a joint fundraising campaign possible. 

You can add a group or organisation and link it to your fundraiser. And with the collectors function, members can create their personal campaign page and share with their own network to raise funds for the common cause.

Ideal for clubs, teams, schools, classes, foundations, charities, churches, chiros, non-profit organisations, etc.

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Steunactie fundraisers in the media

Steunactie fundraisers frequently appear in the media. Having your fundraiser published can give an extra boost to your campaign.


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