Crowdfunding Health and Medical

Start crowdfunding for health, medical, disability or care related causes

By starting a crowdfunding fundraiser you can quickly and easily collect donations online for a cause related to health, medical, disability or care issues. People can run into health, medical or disability issues whereby a necessary treatment, adaptation, drug, surgery or care is not covered by insurance. Crowdfunding is great way to cover these costs and make treatment possible.


Fundraising for medical or health related issues; how do I get started? 

Setting up an account and your own crowdfunding page on Steunactie is extremely easy. Then share your fundraiser with as many people as possible. Friends, family, relatives, neighbours, colleagues … share with your network through personal messages and on social media. Don't only request a donation but also to share your fundraiser onward in their own network. You’ll be surprised how quicky your fundraising campaign will spread and donations start to pour in.

You can help patients and loved ones that are in need of medical and health care attention and are confronted by unexpected costs by starting an online fundraiser on the Steunactie crowdfunding platform today!  

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