Collect money for and by teams, groups, organisations, etc.

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Steunactie is not only suitable for individual fundraisers but also for teams, organisations and groups such as clubs, associations, schools, classes, teams, foundations, charities, churches and congregations, chiro's, non-profit organizations, etc. A special collector's function has been built into Steunactie to cater for team/group fundraisers.

An individual fundraiser is usually set up by one person who wants to raise money for a specific purpose, cause or goal.

A team/group fundraiser is carried out by an organisation or group of people whereby the members of the group collect for a common goal or cause. Usually, one person will set up the fundraiser on behalf of the organisation, team or group (the administrator or organiser). Members of the group commit themselves to the common goal by sharing the action in their own network as collectors. Steunactie has been set up for this whereby collectors can personalize their own fundraiser page and share it in their own network. People are more likely to donate to people they know personally so being able to personalise the fundraiser page increases the chance of donations. The collector can keep track of the donations in his own dashboard; payments go directly to the administrator/organiser so collectors don't have to transfer money.

An organisation or group can be added and linked to the fundraiser. You can add a description, social media links and a logo or image of the group, team or organisation. Collectors/members will be proud and motivated to raise funds for their organisation or group with their own personal fundraiser page.

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