Crowdfunding Family

Crowdfunding for family

By starting a crowdfunding with Steunactie you can collect money online for a family related cause or goal. A fundraising campaign for relatives and loved ones is easy to set up with Steunactie. Help your family,  next of kin or others with a crowdfunding fundraiser on Steunactie.


Setting up a crowdfunding fundraiser for family

Sometimes a family, or someone in a family, needs a helping hand. For example, a family member might have run into some kind of unfortunate bad luck and may need urgent help. But it could also be that you want to reward a family member for something special he or she has done or accomplished. Or for organising a family reunion. But how do I go about organising a crowdfunding for family?

This can easily be done with an online crowdfunding campaign with Steunactie. Create your own personalised crowdfunder page in just a few steps and share with your network and people around you. You will be surprised how quickly you will receive donations. Crowdfunding has never been so easy!

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Steunactie Step 4 Receive donations

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