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Fundraising for projects in Art, Culture & Music. Start a crowdfunding fundraiser today. 

Finding funding for creative projects, institutions and organisations in the arts, culture & music sector can be a daunting task. An easy and fast way to gather support and funding for any arts, culture or music related project is through online crowdfunding with Steunactie. Support your favourite museum, theatre, band/orchestra, event or artist, musician, writer, painter or other creative individual or group by starting crowdfunding on Steunactie.     


Getting started with your crowdfunding fundraiser

Artistic, cultural and musical projects, events and performances play an important role in society. But projects are often costly and difficult to fund. Subsidies are not always open for everyone and therefore own fundraising initiatives are important in thier realisation. With Steunactie you can easily set up your crowdfunding campaign and share it online with your network. You’ll be surprised how quickly your campaign will spread and how soon you will start to receive donations

Online fundraising with a crowdfunder on Steunactie is the ideal way to collect funds for your own project or those of others. Support the creative sector, be it arts, culture or music, and start your own crowdfunding fundraiser today!  

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