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Steunactie is one of the most inexpensive crowdfunding & donation platforms in the Netherlands and Belgium. Setting up and starting a Steunactie is completely free. Fees will only be charged for successful donations. No cure no pay! We do not ask for an extra contributions or tips from donors and we pay out every week.

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Example donation: 30 euro

PlatformPlatform costsTransaction costs
Steunactie6%€ 0,60
Getfunded7%€ 1,15
Doneerveilig7,26%€ 0,96
Doneeractie7,26%€ 1,03
Whydonate15% "tip" *1,9% + € 0,25
Gofundme15% "tip" *2,9% + € 0,25
Geef15% "tip" **variabel

Rates published on websites April 2024.
All rates shown are INCLUSIVE VAT (BTW). Attention: many platforms only mention their rates excluding VAT (BTW).
Rates based on donations using iDEAL or Bancontact.
* Standard Tip.
** Example donation €25: standard tip 15% = €3,75. If no tip is chosen you pay 6,04% commission.

Comparison with other platforms: more info

Platform fees

Steunactie charges a fee of 6% including 21% VAT (5% excluding VAT) on successful donations. Minimum donation is €5,-.

Transaction fees

The fixed transaction costs are €0,60 including VAT (€0,50 excluding VAT) per donation. This amount covers the costs of receiving and processing, managing and paying out the donations.

Some payment methods charge additional variable transaction costs. By far the most used payment methods are iDEAL (the Netherlands) or Bancontact (Belgium). Here is an overview of the payment methods and the costs (incl. VAT):

To receive donations, we partner with Mollie, one of the largest and most secure payment service providers in Europe, and with PayPal (only for donations made with PayPal).

For payouts to fundraising campaign organisers, we partner with Payaut, a specialised payment service provider in the field of payouts.

Both donations and payouts go through the escrow accounts of the mentioned payment service providers and are therefore always secure.

Adding a bankaccount & pay out

You can add a bank account for the payout to your Steunactie account. Payout of donations takes place weekly on Wednesdays.

Donations and payouts can be followed 24/7 in the dashboard of your Steunactie account.

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Own Mollie account: business bank account holders

For business users, it is also possible to request their own Mollie account or add an existing Mollie account. Business users should be registered and have a business bank account. All donations - less platform and transaction fees - are credited to your business bank account without the intervention of Steunactie. You can determine the payout frequency yourself in your Mollie account.




Transaction fees are charged directly by Mollie and differ from the table above. Rates from Mollie are per successful transaction and do not include VAT. See Mollie's rates.