Crowdfunding Event

Crowdfunding to make your event, wedding, competition or other gathering possible!

By starting a crowdfunding fundraiser you can collect donations in order to make any event possible. Be it a wedding, music festival, competition, seminar, celebration, party, trade show or whatever gathering you have planned, you can get it funded by starting a crowdfunder with Steunactie. 


This is how you can make your event happen with online crowdfunding

Organising an event can be costly and additional help and support can be welcome. In just a few simple steps you can set up your own personalised fundraising page and immediately start to share it amongst your network and beyond. Online donations with a Steunactie crowdfunding campaign can make your event become reality.

Steunactie Step 2 Start fundraiser
Steunactie Step 3 Share the fundraiser page
Steunactie Step 4 Receive donations

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