Crowdfunding for a Wheelchair Bus

Crowdfunding for a Wheelchair Bus

A wheelchair bus plays a crucial role in the lives of people who depend on a wheelchair for mobility. it not only provides freedom and independence, but also allows them to visit family, friends and various activities away from home without having to rely on special transport. however, the cost of a wheelchair bus can be high, with prices for a decent second-hand bus easily reaching around €30,000.


Start Crowdfunding for a Wheelchair Bus

This is where Spendenaktion comes in. our platform allows you to start a crowdfunding campaign free of charge to raise the necessary funds for a wheelchair van. The beauty of a campaign on Spendenaktion is:

  • the ability to raise significant amounts of money in a short time.
  • no costs for setting up your campaign.
  • support from donors from Germany, Austria and beyond.
  • weekly payment of the funds raised, so that you can dispose of the money quickly.

By starting a crowdfunding on Spendenaktion, you can raise the funds needed to purchase the wheelchair bus that plays such an important role in increasing your mobility and independence. take the first step towards a life with more freedom today by starting your own campaign.

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