Crowdfunding Book Publishing

Crowdfunding for publishing a book

A wish or dream of many is publishing a book, novel or other literary work. An exciting fiction story, a biography, an account of true events; there are so many different kinds of books to write. Whether you publish a book through a publisher or self-publish, such an endeavour naturally costs money. You can help your literary project by starting a crowdfunding campaign with Steunactie. 


Crowdfunding to realise your book project

Finding funding for your book project can be a difficult and a time-consuming task. Time that you would rather spend on writing and realising that project you would like to see published. An easy and quick way to raise funds for your literary project is through online crowdfunding with Steunactie. Create your own campaign page in just a few minutes and start receiving online donations from your own network and beyond. 

Online fundraising with a crowdfund fundraiser at Steunactie is the ideal way to raise money for your own project or that of others. Support writers, authors and creative talent and start a book crowdfunding on Steunactie today! 

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