Een huis voor Zuli / A house for Zuli

Een huis voor Zuli  / A house for Zuli
Hilde Renke Van Herwegen
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Hi everyone ,

I am fundraising for my girlfriend in South Amerika , mom of my 2 years old godchild  Zuli  ( Zuleymis ) .Unfortunately her relationship with the daddy came to an end what means he will put her with the small lovely girl out of his house .

She found a small house to stay. The landlord is moving to Spain and gives her the opportunity to buy the house for 3300€ 

Life is very hard after Covid due to lack of tourists and lack of food .Last time I returned 1 week earlier due to hunger …I couldn’t even buy bananas ! 

My goal is to collect this money by which she can buy this place. A new home for her and the toddler .

She can further overcome the daily costs herself by doing small works and through the assistance of the state‘s monthly  food stamps .

The person who donates a gift up to 350€ may choose a painting for free of my collection oil paintings ( which you can find on my fb page Hildaki ) .

When I have collected the money I will go  to visit her to see her and my lovely godchild again and to buy the house .

I appreciate your support a lot !❤️





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Hilde Renke Van Herwegen

Hilde Renke Van Herwegen



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op 11/10/2023 gestart
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