Help Rudy with Autism to a helping dog

Help Rudy with Autism to a helping dog
Rudy Nahrwold



Hi my name is Rudy Nahrwold.

I have been suffering from my Depression and sober thoughts for years.

And my Autism doesn't always cooperate either. You can also see my story at NPO start

'Life before death' ( on TV Dutch )

I live alone and independently, people around me often say to me why don't you take a dog?

I always doubted and said I didn't think it was necessary. But I've delved into which service dogs are all there.

Fortunately, there are also service dogs for people with Autism and psychological problems.

I am now on Lorna Wing ( clinical admission ) here they are specialized with Autism and traumas

My treatment here lasts another 6 months.

How very nice it will be that I will have a buddy (service dog).

Then I'm not alone anymore and then I don't have to do everything alone. And I also hope that I will end up less in a dissociation.

And the service dog brings you into the here and now, which is very important.

Having a real buddy is the best thing a person can get. 😊

But to train a dog and buy a dog costs a lot of money, unfortunately I don't have this at my disposal, so I don't have the financial resources to buy and train a dog.

That is why I ask you for help, would you like to support me so that I can get a service dog.

A service dog will REALLY be a relief for me in my dark period.

And of course all the money will go entirely to the service dog and to the training of the dog.

Thank you for reading and for your possible donation!

If you are not in the opportunity to donate but you do want to support this Donation Campaign, it would be very nice if you would like to share this promotion. 😊

However large or small your contribution, all amounts are WELCOME!! 😊🤗

Best regards,

Rudy Nahrwold




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