help a Disabled trans man with his care costs

help a Disabled trans man with his care costs
Luca Bosgraaf

Ik heb middelmatige tot ernstige ME en ben aan het crowdfunden voor mijn eerste rolstoel.


Ik heb deze link gemaakt zodat het makkelijker is voor mensen in Nederland om te doneren. Originele post:

Image description at the end.

Goal: £3000.

Hi! I’m Luca (they/he), a disabled transmasc person with severe ME, and am bed-based and housebound. I’m also a singer and songwriter, and enjoy nerding out about Star Trek, sign language, access and ableism. 

What is ME?

ME is an energy-limiting, neurological disability. My wellbeing depends on carefully paced days where one mistake can lead to several-week-long crashes. I stay within my energy limiting with adaptations, rest, breaks and the extensive support of others.


My living situation is unsafe. My parents don’t use my chosen name and pronouns, and are unable and possibly unwilling to care for me without harm. This is hurting my health - which once lost is hard to get back. They have also banned my wheelchair inside (wtf), refuse to push me, ignore me when I’m in crisis, and many other (micro) aggressions. My parents’ house is also very inaccessible, hurting my legs. 


So: I’m eager to leave and come back to the UK. I’d like to recover from this incredibly traumatic time. I can only do that with enough care and without worrying about my parents. Unfortunately, this simply comes down to funds. 

The plan

I need to find a flat so that I can then apply to the council for care funding. That application will take at least 3 months. So to leave, I have to have a period without funded care the first few months. 

What do I need?

3 months’ care (= £3000). This allows me to stay within my energy limit and prevents me from getting more and more ill. It protects my access to food, personal hygiene, medical appointments, hobbies and more. 

Other support

I can’t rely on family because of their own financial situation and my difficult relationship with them due to their transphobia and ableism. I don’t qualify for any of the other loans or grants that I found. 

What can you do?


2. SHARE & ask others to share.

3. ASK: message friends with financial privilege.

[Image description: The title slide of my Instagram post. The title reads: Help a disabled trans man leave unsafety. The subtitle says: Goal: £3000. On the left, there’s a photo of me sitting in my wheelchair Gray in our garage. I’m smiling, I’m wearing ice bear PJs and wearing my long hair in a bun. I am a white thin trans man. End of ID.]




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