FOR THE LOVE OF IT ALL - Crowdfunding

FOR THE LOVE OF IT ALL - Crowdfunding

A movie by two best friends aiming to capture a dance of life we've just entered, or maybe just found space for to observe.


Dear friends, family & strangers

We (Max Marinus & Gina Mercelis) have spent the past couple of months working on a new short film, a project we hold very dearly, but we need your help! Due to an overflow in grant applications, we have failed to secure any funding for this project.

This film honestly means everything to us and we're determined to see it through

That being said, your support could make all the difference, not just for us, but for everyone helping us make this come to life: the actors, the crew, the drivers, eto.

Your contribution, however big or small, would help us tremendously as well as give you some well-deserved good karma.


First and foremost, we want to make this movie because we're navigating a new phase together, supporting each other's growth. We want to create an audiovisual work that shows this phase of life made by two people currently going through it. 

Our movie will capture this dance of life, both as participants and observers. It's the relentless, often painful process of self-renewal and transformation. It's about discovering who we want to become by understanding who we're not, and embracing the idea of letting go and giving in.

While we could tell you through a variety of mediums, we believe that creating this through script, music, imagery, and sound will capture its full complexity and beauty.



Specifically, the movie comprises three distinct parts:


Max's two musical compositions will serve as guiding elements throughout the movie.

The first part features a scripted story starring Milla-Jane Derasse and Ines Bouzou as our main actresses. It follows their journey of coming home after a night out, shedding every worn mask during the early morning hours. It's about discovering home not in a physical location, but in another person.

The second part represents all the facets of ourselves, often brought to life through others. It explores the love that springs from life and can become or already is a home in any kind of way.

The movie is divided into two (main) parts, symbolizing not only the two compositions but also serving as a metaphor for the duality of the self. These two parts ultimately bring each other into harmony once again.

We hope you can believe in it as much as we do and thank you a lot for your interest and help.

Thank you !!

Much love x

Gina & Max




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