10 tips for a successfull fundraiser

1. Header photo/image: Add a compelling header photo or image that immediately captures the essence of your cause. This is your main visual expression of your fundraiser. One image says more than a 1000 words!

2. Title: Come up with a strong catchy title for your fundraiser.

3. Short description: give a short and concise description of what it is you are raising funds for.

4. Story: tell the story behind the cause and the necessity of the fundraiser in a more detailed description. A personal story creates more involvement and willingness to donate.

5. Additional images and video: Add additional photo’s, images, graphics or even a YouTube video that can further clarify the action and make it attractive and understandable for readers.

6. Profile picture: add a profile picture of yourself. This makes your fundraiser more personal and credible. Donors like to see the face and person behind the fundraiser.

7. Organisations or groups: is the fundraiser for an organisation, group or team? For example, a club, association, school, class, team, foundation, charity, company, church, non-profit organization, etc. Add the group or organisation and link it to your fundraiser. This makes the fundraiser more credible and gives donors more understanding of where thier money will be going to.   

8. Target amount and end date: Set a target amount and an end date (not compulsory!). Fundraisers with a target amount and/or an end date receive more donations than actions without. You can change both the target amount and the end date during the course of the fundraiser.

9. Share, share, share! Get the word out! The most important thing is to share your crowdfunding page with as many people as much as possible. Via personal messages containing the link to your crowdfunding page (email, WhatsApp, Messenger). By posting the fundraiser on social media. Don't just ask people to donate, but also to share and spread the fundraiser further. Contact the news media (take a look here for examples). The media is usually very receptive in placing fundraising campaigns! And invite collectors who can help you spread your fundraiser even further.

10. News/updates: post news updates: donors are more likely to participate if they can regularly read news updates about your fundraising campaign. This creates more involvement and the chance that they will share the action with others, become a collector or even donate again.