Crowdfunding in Memoriam

Making a funeral and/or commemoration possible with crowdfunding

Raising money to cover the costs of a funeral and/or memorial service or initiative.

By starting a crowdfunding campaign with Steunactie, you can collect money online to make a funeral or commemoration or other in memoriam related cause possible. 

Crowdfunding to help with funeral or memorial costs

The costs of a dignified farewell, memorial service, commemoration or any other in memoriam related cause can quickly add up. Naturally you want the ceremony or service to be in accordance with the wishes of the deceased. Sometimes funding can be an issue to properly organise and execute such a service. With a fundraising campaign on Steunactie you can make it all possible.

Create your own personalised fundraiser page in just a few steps and share it with your network, family, network and beyond. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll be receiving donations. Crowdfunding is an easy and fast method to collect donations and make an in memoriam service or initiative possible. 

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